Protecting your rights and serving your needs

Indiana attorney G. Allen Lidy has defended the rights of Hoosiers and out-of-state clients for more than 10 years in Indianapolis and around the state. He offers experienced legal representation for matters of criminal defense, sex crimes, domestic violence, civil litigation, child protection and juvenile delinquency.  

Allen is a trial-ready attorney. This means if you’ve been charged with a criminal offense and hire Allen to defend you, he is prepared to handle your case all the way to a final verdict.

Allen serves clients across the Indianapolis region, including Martinsville, Columbus, Greencastle, Anderson and all cities inbetween. He has a firm grasp of the people in the courthouses spanning the state, and he puts his decade of understanding of what to expect in each jurisdiction to work in serving clients facing criminal allegations and civil law matters.

How Allen works for you

Step 1

Review what happened

Allen will meet with you to learn what happened and why you need his help with your matter.

Step 2

What’s next

Going over the details of your matter, Allen analyzes the facts and explores options with you.

Step 3

What can be done

Allen applies more than a decade of legal knowledge and experience to create a strategy unique to your matter.

Step 4

Closing your case

Once Allen puts a strategy in motion, he will stand by your side until a verdict is reached.

Evening your odds

If you’ve been arrested and don’t have an attorney, you’re at a disadvantage. Getting the right trial-ready attorney can level the playing field.

Attorney Allen Lidy

The cost of having representation for your case

Rarely does a person plan to have legal problems, and Allen Lidy recognizes that. What he pledges to do is offer legal services at a reasonable fee to you. He provides you options on how to pay for those services. In most cases, Allen’s office can establish a set or flat fee so you know what legal services you're going to receive for the kind of case you have, and you'll know what it's going to cost. Because Allen strives to give you the best options possible, he offers free consultations so you can discuss your case before you commit to hiring him as your attorney.